About Us

AB3power.com was launched by a team of experts to provide the highest quality emergency power solutions in a portable design.

Our mission is to offer the Best Portable Generators in the world. The AB3power.com generators are Made in the USA with premium Honda engines and Mecc Alte Alternators and come with a 3 year manufactures warranty. 

Our competition is whole home generators that cost $12,000+ to have installed and requires periodic maintenance and weekly/monthly running of the system which results in additional wear and tear and additional on-going costs. Our generators can be stored for many years in a dry location without weekly testing or yearly maintenance which greatly increases the usable lifespan of the generator. As well, our generators run on both natural gas and propane so if your natural gas line is disrupted by a storm you can run from a standard propane bottle. But, the most loved reason for buying our backup generator is when you move homes, you take it with you because it is portable. Make the investment once, and let it move with you.

A little more about or business; we were founded as a single company operated as a family business in Cypress, TX dedicated to Customer Satisfaction. Today AB3 Group, LLC has evolved and expanded into diverse industries while remaining grounded in the founding principles of quality American workmanship and honest business practices.